Inspirational Icons: Walt Disney (Episode 1)


The Prophet: A Dejected Creator

The Teacher: The Wise Intellect

“Prophet, they slept on Disney’s vision. You can’t possibly be surprised if they sleep on you, too.”


“They literally slept on Walt Disney,” The Teacher repeated.

“What are you even saying?” I said, now both agitated and confused.

“When Walt returned from serving in World War I,” The Teacher began. “He hopped into a career as a newsreel photographer. From there, he got into the advertising business, where he cultivated an idea that changed the entertainment landscape, and really the world, for that matter.”

“What was it?” I asked.

“Animated cartoons for motion pictures,” he replied. “Walt was a visionary, and had a mind like no one else. Once the seminal scheme bloomed in his brain, Disney gathered up all his funds, quit his job, and headed out to Los Angeles with his brother to pursue his dream of bringing animated drawings to life.”

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Functional Training For The Mind

As an active author, my sole objective with every subsequent story is to create captivating content that is of immense benefit to the consumer. Last year, while pondering over potential new material, and with the aforementioned aim roaming around my mind like a graceful gazelle in a hot, dry desert, I decided that my next literary product would be centered around an activity that I adore. One that, if routinely focused on, can do wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Continue reading “Functional Training For The Mind”